Four Corners Community Chapel
Cumberland, Rhode Island
Church isn't just a place we go.
The Church is who we are.

Click the logo above to see the photos you have been sending us as you have been keeping safe at home.  If you would like to add your photo, please email it to

During these times when we are not gathering in the sanctuary

as usual, we can still be together as God's church.  Below are

links to our weekly Home Worship services and Children's

Moments.  We hope you'll join us as we continue to listen to God's Word together, pray for one another, and seek the good of God's world.  Remember, we are not alone.  In the spirit of Christ,

we are one.  Please check back here often for updated links.

We will also be posting liturgy materials to accompany each week's home worship video.  These will allow you to read the Call to Worship, scipture reading(s), etc.  We will also include our prayer request list, and any updates that you need to know.

Click below for liturgy materials:

April 5 Home Worship liturgy materials

Click here for previous worship videos and liturgy materials