Four Corners Community Chapel
Cumberland, Rhode Island

Galatians 6:2

"Bear one another’s burdens, 

and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Four Corners Community Chapel is truly a community chapel.  

First and foremost, we are a spiritual community led by God.  Under God's Word, we are called together as a community.  

We are also a community of family - the family of our church members. We gather for weekly worship, participate in church events, volunteer to serve on church boards and committees, and sing in the choir.  We celebrate life's triumphs together, and we are there to support each other through life's challenges.      

Our church is also an active member of the community of Cumberland, Northern Rhode Island, and of the world beyond.  We seek to spread the Word of God and do His work. Through our Mission Board, Youth Fellowship, and the church in general, we participate in numerous outreach activities, including:

Soup Kitchen
Church volunteers provide a hot meal for those in need.

Mark your calendars for these 2020 dates when the Chapel will be serving at the soup kitchen.  Volunteers are welcome.
January 25, April 11, July 11, September 26 and December 12

Food Pantry
Throughout the year, church members drop off cans, jars and boxes of food, which are distributed to local residents in need.  We also provide monthly financial support to the Northern Rhode Island Food Pantry.

We are collecting cans of soup (chunky and hearty preferred) for the Northern RI Food Pantry through "Souper Bowl" Sunday, February 2nd.  Soup donations may be left in the Missions basket at either entrance to the church.

Blood Drive

The Rhode Island Blood Center collects life-saving blood donations.

Thank you to Chapel members and friends who have helped save lives by donating blood.

Our Blood Drive schedule for 2020 will be during the months of April, August and December.  However, you can donate any time.

Tag Tree
Church members donate Christmas presents for local residents in need. 

Missions Possible Bingo
A fun night of Bingo with a twist - Bingo winners pay it forward to a charity of their choice.  Over 50 local and national organizations have received donations totaling $7,900. since 2013.

Loaves & Fishes RI
Chapel members participate with this volunteer organization which operates a food truck serving the needy throughout Rhode Island.
Mark your calendars for these 2020 dates when the Chapel will host the food truck:
February 15, April 18, June 20, August 15, October 17 and December 19.

Youth Group Sleep-Out for the Homeless
Youth Group members sleep out in cardboard boxes on a cold winter night to raise awareness of the needs of the homeless.  Donations of cash and warm socks are also collected.

Youth Group 30 Hour Famine
Youth Group members give up food for a 30 hour period to raise awareness of world hunger.  Donations are raised in conjunction with the 30 Hour Famine, which are given to World Vision.

If you have questions about any of our outreach activities, please call
our Chapel office at 401-333-6171, or email

Are you looking for ways to help serve your community?  Click here for a list of community agencies and items that can be donated through the church at any time during the year.