Four Corners Community Chapel
Cumberland, Rhode Island
Sunday School for children ages Pre-K
to 8th grade is now underway.

Children will sit with their families during the first part of the
weekly 10 a.m. Worship Service.  They will be invited to Sunday School
following the Children's Moment.

Children in Pre-K through 4th grade will meet in Fellowship Hall.
We are excited to introduce them to a new program called "Whirl."
Whirl is a fun, interactive way to learn the story of our faith.
Whirl provides hands-on learning through videos, music and art.
Come discover how you are part of God's family and story.

Middle school students will meet downstairs in the Youth Group room.

On the first Sunday of each month, there is no Sunday School
so that all may share in the celebration of Communion.

We need a registration form for each child attending Sunday School.
Please complete the online registration form below.

Please contact Pastor David if you have any questions

Photograph release:
From time to time, children are photographed during Sunday School activities. 
These pictures could be used on the Chapel's website, Facebook page, Weekly
Chapel Message or Christian Education Board Mailing.  Please indicate if you
do or do not grant the Chapel permission to use pictures of your child
by checking the applicable box on the registration form.