Four Corners Community Chapel
Cumberland, Rhode Island


Beginning March 19th, houses of worship in the State of RI are being allowed to open their doors for worship at 75% capacity. We know you are as eager as we are to gather in-person again. We've put our heads together to try and answer some of the questions we think you might be asking about what comes next for us.


Q. When are we going to hold in-person Sunday services again?

A. We have set Sunday, May 2nd, as our target date for holding in-person services again. Initially, services will be held outdoors on the front lawn, similar to last fall.


Q. Will I still have to wear a mask and practice social distancing?

A. Yes. Even though a lot of restrictions are being eased up, the Center for Disease Control and the RI Department of Health recommends that, when gathered in public spaces with others, we still wear face coverings at all times and practice social distancing.


Q. What do I need to do before showing up to church on the front lawn?

A. We will use a registration form that will be available online. You will need to sign-up in advance. Plan to bring a lawn chair or blanket with you. You'll also be asked some standard COVID screening questions when you arrive. Those who wish can also sign-up by calling or emailing the main office.


Q. Why are we meeting outside when we're allowed to meet inside?

A. We know you're eager to return inside to the sanctuary (since March 2020 we have had new floors installed, new doors put on, and the bathroom renovated!). However, due to the layout of our sanctuary, and the requirement to keep social distancing still, being inside would mean having to restrict the number of attendees by far more than 75%. We anticipate that this particular restriction will continue to ease up, and that as we adjust to life in large groups again, we will return to the building. We hope it won't take long, and we appreciate your willingness to ease back to in-person gatherings with us.


Q. What happens if it's raining on a Sunday?

A. Until we decide to hold services indoors again, if it's raining on a Sunday, worship will be held online.


Q. How long until we hold gatherings indoors again at the church?

A. We don't know. With schools and businesses re-opening at fuller capacity, we recognize how things might look: like we're running behind the times. Since the start of COVID, we have committed to re-opening our doors in a manner that not only ensures the safety of all, but that also upholds the integrity of worship, which means being inclusive to everyone. We are confident that getting to gather outdoors for a time will give us an opportunity to get our feet wet again before we re-open the sanctuary.


Q. Why are we waiting until May, especially when Easter is right around the corner?

A. April in New England can be pesky! Because we are going to be meeting outdoors initially, we figure that May will be a more pleasant start date.


Q. What if I'm still not comfortable coming to an in-person service, or I simply don't feel it is safe to do so yet?

A. All of our in-person services will be recorded and put online. More than this, we believe the worshiping community is the collective work of God's people to offer their lives in prayer, praise, and service. We will continue to look for creative ways for everyone not just to be included in worship, but to have a part in its creation.