Four Corners Community Chapel
Cumberland, Rhode Island

About Us


We are a Parish filled with folks of many different backgrounds and experiences. We are both young & old and we do have our differences at times, and don’t always think alike.

Yet our common bond in Christ provides harmony for the many varying “notes” that we provide, and focuses this harmony to the to service of God and to His purposes.

We do recognize and honor all the saints and souls who have lived and loved, laughed and cried, celebrated and sorrowed together in this Parish since its birth almost 150 years ago. Down through the years, the torch of faith has been passed from generation to generation, a torch that we do now accept as we explore a new century of common life together with God as our Light, Christ as our guide and redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as our sustainer.

As St. Paul tells us, “We are the Body of Christ”. Who we are, then, can never be called into question. The question that we are then left to wrestle with as Christians is how might we best reflect that particular identity in our community and in our world.


(Please reference 1Corinthians 12)



Four Corners Community Chapel

200 Angell Rd

Cumberland, RI  02864


Mailing address: 

Four Corners Community Chapel

P.O. Box 7128

Cumberland, RI 02864

Chapel Office:

Please contact the Chapel office if you wish to stop 

by to ensure that someone will be available


You may email us at

or call the Church Office with any questions you may have.


All of our members


Rev. David Pierce



Mr. Vance Westgate


Amanda Iocco


Raymond Gobeille Jr.

Parking is available in our parking lot.  Please use the lot entrance along
Diamond Hill Road. Additional parking is available along Angell Road.


Chapel is located at the intersection of

Diamond Hill Road

Angell Road

Please enter the address "2110 Diamond Hill Road,
Cumberland, RI 02864" into your GPS device.